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Celebrities reunite on the red carpet, mingle during commercial breaks and experience impromptu star crossings in the wings and we’ve got our eyes and ears trained on those moments. “Is the house open?”, a casually dressed Billy Crystal asks a backstage security crew a little more than two hours before the Oscar show is to begin. Wearing jeans, a sweater, sneakers and his Oscar credential, Crystal gazes out at an empty theater as he hits his marks and silently rehearses his monologue.

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replica Purse Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters called the shooting the most asinine thing he’s seen a law enforcement officer do.A police union filed a grievance on his behalf so he can go back to patrolling the University of Cincinnati.The grievance was filed Wednesday, the same day Tensing became the first law enforcement officer in the history of the Tri State to be charged with murder.UC fired Tensing shortly after Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said “I treating him like a murderer” and announced he was indicted on murder and voluntary manslaughter charges in the July 19 slaying of Samuel DuBose, 43.”He never should have been a police officer,” Deters said.But the police union says UC violated Tensing employment contract by giving him a pre disciplinary conference and a copy of the formal charges.A mandatory grievance hearing will be held in the next few weeks, said Tom Fehr, spokesman for Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council Inc.If the grievance is upheld, Tensing will get his job back. If it is denied, the case will go to arbitration.In a statement to FOX19 NOW, UC representative Michelle Ralson said the university stands by its decision to terminate Officer Ray Tensing. She did not comment on the grievance.In a highly charged case that has gained national attention, Tensing pulled DuBose over in Mt. replica Purse

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