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These [kinds of] deals would be priced differently if they weren guaranteed by the government. Notes that the Dodd Frank financial reform act passed last year includes the so called Volker Rule to curb speculative trading by banks. Those rules, however, were watered down at the last minute, and have yet to be written into […]

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It looks just like a Xanax. But, looks can be deceiving. And, as it turns out, deadly. There are 41 tickets available each day, meaning you have 205 chances every week. These go on sale at 10am Monday and often sell out within moments, but it is at least worth trying. The seats are limited […]

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But worst years will be scores. I mean, one year, I stopped counting at 35. She quietly added that she would get to discouraged to count any more visits to the Emergency room. No. 2. Columbia Crest Grand Estates. Downtown was in the pits, and there was talk of tearing it down for a parking […]

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Ermalyn Magtuba moved to Seattle from the Philippines 17 years ago. She has two kids, and to help support them, she works two jobs 74 hours a week room and food service at two different downtown Seattle hotels. Survive and have a good life in this city, have to have two jobs, she says during […]

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More disturbingly is that Fox 13 showed up at Bingham High School at 1:00pm during school hours to film a staged protest by students. Classes were totally disrupted and hard to get back on track for the rest of the day. Are you parents with high school kids out there OK knowing that they can […]

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anyone know how to install windows under uefi with gpt drive “A lot of times I hear that they taste like a chip is supposed to taste, not like a factory cheap jerseys processed them,” said Neal Harkins of Rootables Chips. He is also a chef at the Whistler Conference Centre. He makes chips out […]

Economic historians

On Friday, the government will release its jobs report for January. The unemployment is expected to remain 7.8 per cent. That still high rate, 3 1/2 years after the Great Recession officially ended, helps explain why the Fed has kept its key short term rate at a record low near zero since December 2008, just […]

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Think it will definitely give a lot of us incentive for holiday travel, says Cindy Karlson of East Hampton. Much cheaper and with the lines that we hearing about in the airports why not do a staycation in Connecticut when the gas prices are cheap. I know that what we be doing. We bought this […]

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Bowl ‘em over Through a national program, kids up to age 15 can bowl two free games practically every day at the following five bowling centers: Derby Bowl, 444 S. Baltimore; Northrock Lanes, 3232 N. Rock Road; Seneca Bowl, 1909 S. Again, it’s not just teachers. It’s all different staff that we have. We have […]

Mohawk and Oneida

I n the grand scale of political affairs, some may regard the lack of transit washrooms as simply too distasteful or trivial to dwell upon. However, for any transit rider who has suffered from a long unrelieved bowel or bladder (or have small children with this problem), from diabetes or a sudden attack of diarrhea, […]

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